The Doggie Detailer

All Grooming Sessions are All Inclusive & All Appointments are customized for your pets needs.

Included Services

  • Bathed Twice with appropriate shampoo for the individual skin and coat type
  • Tearless Blueberry Facial
  • Ears are cleaned (Plucked if requested)
  • Pad hair is trimmed
  • Nails Are Cut AND Filed(If your pet allows it, this will make your pets nice and smooth after they're cut)
  • Sani-Trim - We trimaround your pet’s private area to make sure he or she stays clean and fresh If necessary
  • Hand drying (no cage drying)
  • Fluff/Comb Out We hand comb through every inch of your pet to ensure that there are no mats or leftover loose fur.
  • De-shed and removal of the excess undercoatif necessary
  • Haircut suited to your pet I Specialize in Cute & Creative Styles. Breed Standard Styles can also be done. Upon arrival, your dog will be given a full consultation & We can determine what kind of haircut will best suit them.
  • Teeth Brushed & Breath Freshened
  • Light trim of face & feet If Needed
  • Silky Finishing Spray
  • Bow &/or Bandana

Puppy Intro

Everything listed in the Included Services

You wouldn't rush & start buzzing a babies hair right? So why do that to your puppy? Puppies need to get used to the grooming process. 
In your puppy's first grooming session, we'll get them used to the bath, combs, brushes, and scissors.

Every puppy gets a Spa Bath, Blow Dry and Face Trim. 

Upgrades, Add-On's & Extras

Flea Clean Up: ($125+)

I do not groom any pets with fleas, but should I miss it upon your pet's assessment or see any fleas in the tub while washing your dog, I will give your pet a flea dip, and The van will require a full deep cleaning after your pets appointment.

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