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Please Print & Sign Form to have ready for your first appointment.

The Doggie Detailer Mobile Grooming Policies and Release Form

  1. All dogs groomed by The Doggie Detailer must be up-to-date on his/her Rabies vaccination. At the first visit, a Rabies Certificate is required.  Please email a copy of Rabies Certificate to
  2. All dogs groomed by The Doggie Detailer must be on a flea and tick program. It is unfair to the other clients as well as the groomer to bring in a dog infested with fleas or ticks.
  3. We will not agree to perform services that are likely to harm your dog.  Removing too many mats is painful to your dog.  If more than a few mats are in the coat, we will suggest a short haircut, and start over giving you the opportunity to grow it out again if you can make the time to brush regularly.  Cutting nails too short is painful to your dog.  If your dog's nails are very long, the quick (the flesh inside the nail) extends with the length, therefore, the nails can only be trimmed close to where the quick ends. If you would like shorter nails, we can talk about how to get them shorter over time.
  4. The Doggie Detailer will not rush or stress a dog during his/her appointment. Your dog’s first appointment will usually be the longest as the groomer and canine client get to know each other. With a regular schedule of 4-6 weeks, the dog becomes used to the routine, and the appointment time will shorten as we go forward.
  5. You must let The Doggie Detailer know of any medical conditions, emotional issues, allergies, sensitivity to grooming products or food, physical issues such as difficulty standing, growths, ear infections, skin irritations or conditions. 
  6. It's a must to let The Doggie Detailer know about behavior problems. If your dog has had issues at other groomers, or is known to dislike any aspect of grooming, it is your responsibility to let The Doggie Detailer know this. The dog owner is liable for bites that warrant medical attention or for property damage. We may have to muzzle your dog to complete the grooming process.  We reserve the right to refuse service.
  7. We may take a before and after photo of your dog and post it on our website. You give us your permission to do so. Please feel free to share your own! Use #DoggieDetailerNJ
  8. I understand that if my pet is matted,that I may be assessed a mat removal fee based upon the time it takes to remove the matts.
  9. The Doggie Detailer has the right to refuse service when we are not able to perform grooming services safely for my pet or for ourself. The Doggie Detailer will perform as many tasks as my pet allows. In some cases due to behavior, We may not be able to perform or complete some tasks or services. If necessary, a behavior fee may be added. If The Doggie Detailer is unable to groom my pet due to it's behavior, I agree to pay the grooming fee and the mobile service trip fee.
  10. The Doggie Detailer will make every effort to keep to scheduled appointment times, but all appointment times are approximate due to conditions outside of our control.  Occasionally, the previous appointment may run over due to a dog with physical issues, the van may get stuck in traffic, road conditions in bad weather may slow us down, or mechanical failure can occur. If your appointment time cannot be kept due to conditions outside of our control, you will be called and told how late we are running.
  11. We accept cash, credit, and personal checks. Payment is due at the end of the appointment. NJ Sales Tax of 7% is added. Please make check out to The Doggie Detailer LLC. Bounced check fee is $35.00.
  12. The Doggie Detailer requires 24-hour notice to cancel an appointment. Failure to do so may result in our not scheduling any future appointments.
Release Form
I have read, do understand and hereby agree to the above terms for the grooming and maintenance of my dog(s).  In consideration of the grooming services of The Doggie Detailer, L.L.C., its owner(s) or employee(s), I agree to hold harmless from damage, loss or claims arising from any known or unknown pre-existing condition of my dog(s). The terms, special services or handling shall include, but are not limited to veterinarian services in the event I am not available.  I authorize The Doggie Detailer, L.L.C., its owner(s), or employee(s) to act as my agent in the event emergency veterinarian services, care-taking and/or transportation is necessary and I agree to pay all costs.  Any/all damages, loss or claim shall include, but not be limited to death, injury or shock.  Said pre-existing conditions shall include, but not be limited to illness, previous injury, skin or coat conditions, medical conditions, mental conditions, advanced age or nervousness.  I have read and accept this policy for the groom today and for any and all future grooming appointments.

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